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Subscriber Administration Functionality
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Sign Up Your Organization

To become a Sign Up Master Subscriber you need to complete a simple registration process consisting of the following steps:

Subscriber Application

The Subscriber Application process starts with completing an online registration form. To begin this process click on the Sign Up button from the menu bar on the left side of this page.
You will need to provide basic information about your organization and will be required to confirm acceptance of the Sign Up Master Terms And Conditions.

Fees and Payment

Sign Up Master accepts payments made by credit cards, cheques and certified money orders. For more information about fees and payments please refer to the Pricing section of our site.

Subscriber Approval

Sign Up Master Account is approved once your setup fee is received and processed.
After approval, your Sign Up Master registration site will be completed and available for use within 5 (five) business days. You will be notified about Sign Up Master Account approval via an e-mail confirming your membership approval and informing you of the date your site will be live.
Your organization will be assigned its own Sign Up Master home page using you company short name (

Standard and Customized Solutions

Sign Up Master offers five standard solutions for different organization types: Camp, Sports, Conferences, Education and Exhibitions. These solutions are presented in five demo sites that are available for you to explore.

Each solution can be customized further to include additional information required. Also, custom solutions can be created for organizations having more specific requirements.

Subscriber Administration Functionality

Sign Up Master Account grants your organization the unlimited use of the Subscriber Administration System. This system requires a secure login using user ids and passwords set up during the Subscriber Application Process.

This system enables your administrators to update event information, enter non electronic registrations, process participantsí payments, generate reports and extract data.

This system can be accessed via the Administration menu item from your Sign Up Master home page (

Managing Events

Event management enables your administrators to set up new event groups and individual events, provide additional event information that can be viewed by potential participants, set up appropriate event fees and manage the information throughout the event cycle.

What are Event Groups & Individual events?

An Event Group is a grouping of Events. To define new events, your event coordinator would first define an event group. Then each event would be defined with all applicable details.
For example a basketball club might have an event group of "Summer League". Then the events in this group might be "Boys aged 10-12 years", "Girls aged 9-12 years" and various other events for which participants could sign up.
Another example is a conference organizer that registers participants for an event group such as "Technology Conference". This Conference may have several tutorial, discussion and entertainment sessions, which can be defined as individual events of this group. In this way, your organization allows prospective participants to subscribe to events specific to their interests. Your organization is then able to plan future events in a timely fashion.

Setting up and modifying Event Groups

The ability to set up and modify event groups is available through the Events button on the left frame of the administrative console. This function allows you to add new event groups, change existing event groups and delete expired event groups.

Setting up new and modifying existing Events

Since all events belong to a group, the administrator navigates to this function through the Event button defined in the previous paragraph.
Using this feature, the administrator may add or update events within a specific Event Group. The Event information that your organization defines is available to prospective participants in an Event Information Sheet throughout the registration process.

Setting up Event Fees

This feature enables the administrator to set up or modify Event fees. Multiple fees may be set up for a single event. The participant will be able to view all fees during the ordering, invoicing and payment process. The total cost will be shown in the final invoice.

Registration data entry

Not all participants will sign up over the Internet. Your organization will receive applications through the usual channels of mail, fax or walk-in.
In order to keep a complete list of your applicants in one place, the Administrative Sign Up feature allows entry of registration data by your administrators. This expands the secured access of your registration data to your staff from any computer connected to the Internet. It also extends the availability of data to 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Registration reporting and maintenance

This feature allows an Event Coordinator to search, review and update the status of registrations. The same can be achieved through the Order and Registration menu buttons from your Administrative menu.


With the Sign Up Master system an order consists of one or more registrations for specific events.
An administrator may search for orders by order number, name of participant or order date. Each search results in an online report with details that match specified criteria. A report provides details such as Order No., Order Date, Name of Account, Order Amount, Currency and Order/Payment Status.


This feature enables administrators to search and review existing registrations per Event Group name, Event name, Registration status and specific dates.
Each search results in an online report with registrations that match specified criteria. Each registration displayed can be edited and its status updated based on the registration payment method and actual receipt of fee amount.

Data Extract

The Extract feature enables administrators to download all registration information in a standard, comma-separated format. Administrators have a choice of different types of extract, depending on the type of data required. This feature enables data interface with existing systems making Sign Up Master a virtual extension of your back end processing.

Your Organization has full access to the data collected regarding your participants and their registrations.

Subscriber Participant Functionality

Sign Up Master Account grants your participants the unlimited use of the Subscriber Participant System.

The participant may register for your organizationís events in two ways:

Both options will be available from your Sign Up Master home page. However you may also request to have one of these options removed.

Account Sign Up

This option enables your customers to open an account with your organization. During this process, they select their own account name and password for later use.
Then they use their account for registering one or more participants in your events. For example, this option is convenient for sports and educational events where account information can be reused for multiple registrations.
Sign Up Master will preserve participant information for a period of time agreed to between Sign Up Master and your organization, thus enabling reuse of the participant information for subsequent events.
Sign up Master allows account owners to securely log in to the system, register new participants, update their information and view their past orders.

Quick Sign Up

Prospective participants can register for your events using the Quick Sign Up function. This function is designed for one time registration of one or more participants using an easy and convenient registration process consisting of three simple steps:

  • Providing billing and contact information
  • Providing registration information for one or more participants and events
  • Providing payment information.

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