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Sign Up Master Glossary of Terms

Account An entity registered to Sign Up Master application, which performs subscription of one or more participants to one or more events. An Account is liable for payment of registration fees to Sign Up Master Subscriber for all participants he registers for specific events. An example of an Account is a parent registering his/her child (Participant) for a sporting event, or a Corporate Secretary registering one or more representatives of the Company for a professional seminar.
Active Flag An event indicator flag. When it is checked, the event is available for registration, otherwise it is not available for registration.
(Event Coordinator)
A user of Sign Up Master system that is granted the administrator privilege on behalf of the Sign Up Master Subscriber. Administrator and Event Coordinator terms are used interchangeably, but refer to the same functionality within Sign Up Master system. Administrator can access the Sign Up Master administrative console using a unique Username and Password and is able to view, query, update and maintain events belonging to the member. Each Sign Up Master Subscriber can have multiple administrator user id's.
Effective date Indicates the date when an event will become available for registration.
End Birth Date Optional field that indicates the age of participants as a validation for registration. For example, entering June 1991 in this field will mean that children born after this date are not eligible for this event.
Event An event set up by Sign Up Master Subscriber for which participants will register.
Event Cost The total of all fees that are to be paid for a single registration.
Event Fee The fee that is associated with a specific event payable by Participant to Sign Up Master Subscriber. Sign Up Master allows multiple Event Fees per single Event.
Event Group Event Group is logical grouping of individual events within Sign Up Master System.
Expiry date Indicates the last date when participants can register for event after which registration for this event will not be accepted.
Gender An optional field, indicating gender validation for a specific event (male / female). For example, only female participants can be registered for Girls' Bantam Provincial Volleyball Championship.
Subscriber An Organization that opened a Sign Up Master Account.
Order A group of one or more registrations ordered and paid for at one time.
Participant A person registered for one or more events of a single Sign Up Master Subscriber. The participant can be self registered for Sign Up Master events over the Internet or can be registered by an administrator per verbal, written or e-mail form.
Presently registered seats Indicates the number of currently registered participants for an event.
Reference Number Field provided during Event Definition process where an administrator can enter your organization's internal reference event id for reporting or any other purposes.
Sign Up Master Application Application providing Registration Management ASP services to third party organizations over the Internet. Sign Up Master Subscriber pay applicable fees as defined in Pricing section of our site.
Start Birth Date Optional field that indicates the age of participants as a validation for registration. For example, entering June 1990 in this field will mean that only children born before that date are eligible for this sporting event.
Total number of seats Indicates the maximum number of participants that can be registered for a specific event. When it is set to zero, it indicates unlimited number of seats is available.

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