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Build your own FREE Registration Site

Use our templates to accept registrations for your event for FREE!

Using our FREE service you will be able to

  • accept registrations for your event - first 50 are FREE
  • host your event registration site - first month is FREE
  • purchase addional hosting time or additional registrations as needed.
  • describe your event
  • use the administration console to view, edit and extract data provided by your registrants
  • your event registration data is protected and separate from all other hosted events.

Click here to view our sample FREE registration templates.

Follow these simple steps to create your own event registration site

  1. register for our FREE service. Upon acceptance of your registration you will receive an email with links to your event administration console and your event registration site.
  2. log into your administration console to provide additional information about your event
  3. paste the link to your FREE event registration site into your event web site, or into your invitation email.

Then you are ready to accept online registrations for your event!

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